Reading IHM’s post ‘What was the state of women in your family say 70 years ago’, I began to think of personal history projects that have been done – an innovative way of documenting the evolution of societies, of gender roles, of life in general.
Invite for the Exhibition –
In my comment on IHM’s post I spoke about the Nepali Hamra Hajurama (Our grandmothers) project managed by, aka the Incredible Duo Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati – phtographer and Bhushan Shilpakar – designer. brought together a group of photographers and writers and went to different parts of Nepal, to look for grandmothers and talk to them about their lives and take photographs. This was then made into a book and a photo exhibition was done where some of the grand mothers were invited to talk at the opening. Some of them had never been to Kathmandu or out of their villages.
Invite for the Exhibition – is now doing another similar project called Retelling Histories – Rewind, Recapture, Rewrite  also known as Nepal Picture Library, stories from old photo albums. This project involved collecting photographs from photo albums of Nepali people with a small write up about the context of the photo, describing the people and the place the photo was taken by the immediate family members or the person who took the photograph. They are doing an exhibition of this project in the Magan Hiti, Patan Durbar Square from the 16th to the 18th of September 2011 for those who are lucky enough to be in Nepal at that time.
A similar project was started in India by Anusha. S. Yadav in February 2010. She called it the Indian Memory Project. The project calls for individuals to upload photos (taken before 1990) with some description and background of the context and people in the photo.
To participate in this project visit the website HERE.
It is an amazing project documenting Indian history through pictures from personal albums of people. There is this treasure hidden in our old family albums that can be unearthed. For those who are interested in exploring this project in more depth and meeting the brain behind it and live in Delhi (Darn! you lucky ones!!!) – Anusha S.Yadav is doing a presentation about it in the Delhi Photo festival that is opening on 15th October 2011. 
The program for the photo fest is like a DREAM for photo enthusiasts. You will get to see so many South Asian contemporary photographers and some stars are coming down from Pathshala the one of its kind, South Asian Media Academy in Bangladesh.

If you are in Delhi and like photography, you have no excuse for not being there!

Read excellent post by Sudha on her blog My Favourite Things inspired by the Indian Memory Project on her family history- A sepia toned history of my family.