November 19th is the International day for prevention of Child Abuse. On this occassion I introduce to you two organisations doing brilliant work in the field of Child Sexual Abuse and Sexuality Education.

TULIR Centre for prevention and healing of Child Sexual Abuse, is a Chennai based not for profit organisation doing brilliant work raising awareness in the field of Child Sexual Abuse all over India and South Asia. They have created materials –  posters, short animation films for spreading awareness about Child Sexual Abuse. I use a lot of their material when working with younger children on protection against sexual abuse. You can contact them through their email here and they will send their materials for a nominal fee (mainly the courier charges + cost of DVD). They also have many free resources that you can download from their website here. You can read their blog here and add it to your blogroll, something as simple as that goes a long way in spreading awareness.
Sex Education is one of the sure ways to make children aware of their bodies, their sexual organs and help them report abuse and protect themselves. Contrary to popular belief it is not only girls but also boys who get abused. Sex and sexuality education is also essential in fostering gender equal intimate relationships and preventing and protecting from abuse even in adult relationships.
With respect to that here is an organisation that does just that.
TARSHI – Talking about Reproductive and Sexual Health a Delhi based organisation promotes sex education. They have a helpline for sexuality related issues. They have published many resources some of which are downloadable for free from their website here. Others can be home delivered at very decent prices. The RED book for 10-14 yrs and the Blue Book for 15yrs and above have information on sexuality broadly adapted to the ages and are free downloadable resources. TARSHI has created a very efficient training manual for sex and sexuality education called ‘Basics and Beyond’ that I use in my workshops with adolescents. This book covers alternate sexualities, alternate gender identities which is very important for adolescents (and adults).
Do SIGN TARSHI’s OPEN LETTER to the Govt. of INDIA on Sexuality Education here. We cannot be conservative and hypocritical in our sex education policy, we need it, our youth needs it.