It is when I want to write most that I find it the most difficult. Often when I have to write about blatant injustice there is a storm in my mind and it takes me a lot to calm down and organise my thoughts. 
Most times I come across as a cynic, but in my heart I am not, I believe I can contribute to a better world and that our future can be better than the present. But being in Gulberg Society yesterday where about 70 people of Muslim faith were brutally, beaten, raped, burnt alive and killed, I felt the little ray of hope diminish. The gloom I felt as I entered Gulberg Society and looked at the photos on the charred walls, the words of the survivors hanging from the tree, the little slipper that lay amongst the rest of the mess has seeped into my soul. I am profoundly depressed by this experience. Today my distress is demanding to be addressed and this is my outlet. The photo exhibition was beautiful, just a memory of the horror, no anger, just a voice calling for justice.
Here are some pictures of exhibition:
Entrance Gulberg Society

The Museum at Gulberg Society and several other programs mourning the riots are being organised by ‘Insaf ki Dagar Par’ a group of more than 30 NGO’s. Documentary screenings, plays, poetry readings, photo exhibitions and more. The Program here.
This majority vs minority war exists in different forms in most countries of the world. Will we one day learn to live in peace with each other and with nature?
P.S: I met at Gulberg Society Rakesh Sharma who made the movie ‘Final Solution” about the riots, find it anyhow if you would like to see it, I don’t know how!