A house without animals does not feel like home to me! Our lives as a family changed when we adopted our little Layla many years back. Read two beautiful odes to our ADORED! by D! – The queen of my life and Nids – Layla
I now live away from home and have been longing for company of the four legged kind. Since dogs in the apartment quite depress me especially since knowing Layla, we decided to adopt cats. Since me and my partner both work we wanted at least 2 so they would keep each other company, while we were away. We had been looking forever and finally a friend told us of two stray kittens he was looking after and so we adopted them!

 They have been with us 3 days they were house trained 30 minutes after they entered the apartment and found their litter with mud in it. They are still freaked out of us but they play in our vicinity and occasionally sniff our toe and for now we are content! Presenting Bageera and Gulmarg taking over our apartment!