When I lived in Kathmandu, our house owners had a field in their backyard and a huge composting pit. When I moved to Ahmedabad, I couldn’t bear not separating food waste, so I decided after a lot of research and visits to the Daily dump website here to fashion my own composting system inspired by the Daily Dump model that I would have definitely bought if I could have then. They do have an outlet in Ahmedabad now. Do check them out, their composting kits will make your composting life SO Easy!
I have used a combination of systems, I have a three tier composter and I use a leave – it pot for the compost to get done when my three tier system is full.We have a pretty green terrace garden so I also have a lot of garden waste and my composting unit fills up quite fast.
Here is what my composting unit looks like:
Three-Tier system with each pot having a few holes on the sides
Leave-it pot – this is where the half made compost gets transferred to finish its journey
Kitchen waste
A month later – semi-done, sweet smelling compost
Sieving the Fine compost
Home-made compost, feels soft and smells of the first rain
Even though there are times, I have very minimum time to manage it, my composting unit has not failed me. Once I had this horrible worm infestation and the Troubleshoting on the Daily Dump website was a great help in dealing with it.
Hurry up and COMPOST, chances are you will feel the same sense of closeness to nature I do when I sift my compost 🙂