So thrilled that Mihir was excited about doing this and in fact is the person who inspired me to start this series. It’s a long story of newspapers and disappointments.

I hope there will be more who follow you Mihir. So glad to have you here 🙂

Mihir is a youngster with Asperger’s Syndrome who writes beautiful poetry. Presenting a short introduction and a poem
     Favorite book and/or celebrity:
–       Books- Enid Blyton stories
–       Celebrity is ‘Puja Gaur’ Pratigya
·      Your favorite movie:
–       Life of the Pi


·      Things that make you happy:
         -Things that make me happy are success.
         – When people care about me.
          -When I am loved by every one.
·      Things that make you sad:
-When somebody teases me and gets angry with me or they ignore me.
    People you enjoy talking to:
–       With my school friends and my parents.

Mountains – a beautiful thing to climb!!
Nice things to explore!!
Seeing   good creatures from the top of a mountain,
A good valley – that can be seen.
Enjoying a holiday tour on mountains!!!
Footprints seen of a wild animal,
Green grass growing and strange creatures seen moving on the mountains.
Shout at the top of your voice…..
And there is echoing from the other side of the mountain.
Enjoy the sight of a lake or river from the top of a mountain…
Have great fun while climbing the mountain.
Enjoy the beauty of nature’s creation!!!