I always thought I was a dog person i.e before Gulmarg and Bageera came into my life. Before Gul and Bugs (as we fondly call them) I was scared of cats and my head was full of stereotypes about them being solitary, aggressive and selfish.
A few minutes after we put the cardboard box we brought them in on our balcony and they popped their tiny skinny heads out began a love story.

This is my attempt to document in bits and pieces this story to remember the bratty and so so adorable fella Gulmarg, who left us a few weeks back leaving what I can only describe as a gaping hole in our lives.
Gul and Bugs were born to a black female feline living on the streets of Shahibaug, Ahmedabad. She would occassionally come looking for food to this house full of birds called Gulmarg. So when she was ready to deliver she took shelter in this house and gave birth to two little black kittens. She then stayed with them for about 4 months and then was returning lesser and lesser to care for them. So we were informed that two black ‘Wildings’ were up for adoption and we jumped in.


For the first month Gul and Bugs were mostly invisible to us. They were always hiding, sleeping under cupboards, in pillow cases… we could only get a glimpse of them when they were eating and occassionally when they went on a wild playing spree, running and chasing each other across the obstacle course that was our apartment furniture. If we approached them they would greet us with a hiss and a growl, so we obediently stayed away. We began to interact with them with strings and fur mice and slowly they began to warm up to us. The hissing and growling stopped when we approached them but no touching was possible even after a month. We then went away on a vacation for 3 weeks and when we came back they were all playful and wanting to be petted. While we were away the lady who was taking care of them was able to break the ice and draw them into a relationship. The awesome person that she is, made them feel comfortable to open up to humans. Then began this relationship that evolved into a lovely bond between the two humans who inhabited the house, the human who visited everyday and these two feline fellows.
Gul and Bugs really changed my perception of cats. They were ‘wild’ in every sense of the word when they came into our apartment, but they co-habitated happily enough with us.