So much going on in my mind, through my mind, I don’t know which string to pick and see where the end takes me, which street down memory lane it will pause on and let me wander around the memory a moment walking through the experience as if a spectator, ponder over it, relate it to life now, in this moment and reminisce…

Its probably the end of the year coupled with the realisation that my life has radically changed since the past 6 months that is making me thus! Add to that reconnecting with old, good friends, long conversations that reveal that though far away from one another, we have been walking in the same direction. No wonder our paths cross again, no wonder we are ready to walk, together, again, for awhile. Rediscovering old friends is like the warmth of the winter sun on your skin, it is a slow realisation of the bliss it is to be surrounded by people you love, people who really know you. It makes you feel more positive about the world.

I have realised it depends which lens you look through. My twitter timeline is pretty depressing, but cynicism cannot change the world. Being surrounded by positive people doing their bit for real change feels like its a battle worth fighting, feels like together you can make it. In Ahmedabad I found a community in Twitter, it nourished me, helped me survive, made me feel less alone in the world. In Kathmandu, I have it around me, I can touch it and feel it, this community of friends who radiate energy against all odds. I am missing a few favourites who don’t live in Kathmandu, YET! But its definitely the city that makes me feel the most positive about the world right now, I think I need that just to survive right now in my life.

In Ahmedabad work saved me, the kids I saw and connected with everyday were my sources of energy and postivity. In Kathmandu work makes me cynical, life outside gives me the positivity I desperately need, to make my work matter.

I guess this will be the highlight of 2014 for me, the year we moved back to Nepal! Oh! it will also be the year I watched Sarah Kay perform ‘No matter the wreckage’ in Kathmandu. Sarah, thank you for the inspiration!

I didn’t expect this to be where this post would go, but anyway, I chose the string to pick and followed its path.

Happy 2015! May it be unforgettable!