Its been days since I’m in this place where I wish when I wake up in the morning I would magically be in Neverland. Neverland as I imagine it, is this place where everything is magical, where people are kind and humanity is humane, you know the kind of place John Lennon imagines in ‘Imagine’. But everyday I’ve been waking up to my reality, which is objectively not a bad reality till you put it in the context of the world we live in – then it is a depressing reality!

So when I am in this dark hole of a place and everywhere I look is darkness and even a glimmer of hope is missing, I turn to art, books and movies just to give my mind’s ruminations about the big bad world a rest.

Books help me find solace in the shared experience of the world as a depressing place and the disappointment with humanity. Most times they provide me catharsis, sometimes hope, because others lived through it and wrote beautifully about their experience of it and I am infinitely grateful that I have access to it. I am inspired to write about my experiences and perceptions even if just to get some clarity and clear my head of its knots, but at the same time I am so afraid that I don’t have the skill or insight required to do it well. But I guess the whole point of writing is writing what you feel and not letting the perception of the reader influence the writing. Working on it!

Art gives me the experience of being in the moment and creating which is beautifully rewarding in the moment, but I have a long way to go before I can be even minimally satisfied with the results.

Movies, there are some which effectively transport me to alternate realities, which make me live simple human experiences like love and beauty and believe that if people imagined these experiences they must exist. ‘My blueberry nights’ by Wong Kar Wai is one such movie, it makes me believe in love and in true human connections. Finding Neverland is another with the power to truly make me feel magic exists, somewhere, and believing in it is essential to survive!

Why did they not make a movie of Le Petit Prince I am sure it would go on my list of movies that transport me for a moment to a better world!

Do you know of any others?