The ratio of the number of articles I want to write to the number of articles I actually write is 100:1 perhaps. I constantly write down thoughts on my phone, in my journal, tuck in the corners of my mind for the next blog article but I never sit and actually work on it.

I don’t consider myself a writer, but writing a journal definitely helps me sort my thoughts and clear my head. I guess the purpose of writing a blog for me is to connect with the world through it, connect to people I otherwise wouldn’t meet in my environment, connect through writing. I always feel like I know an intimate part of a writer when I have read their book or blog and I think this is what I want to do with my writing – be honest and expose an intimate part of myself that someone might relate to, like I relate to so many writers I read.

But the challenge is finding the balance between the fear of too much self-exposure and overwhelming self-doubt and the urge to write and put my thoughts out there. I hope in the next few months to put my self criticism to rest (partially at least) and write honestly. It has been a tough year personally and professionally, I need the writing to explore what I have learnt and the direction it has given my life.