2015 has been a tough year for the world, for Nepal and for me. So much has happenned and I can’t say it has not transformed my life, its priorities and the way I see the world and its future. I have become even more a cynic and more motivated to work towards making the world a better place. I dont know how that works in my head – but being cynical and complaining about the horrible place the world is becoming without doing something small about it is difficult for me. I cannot distract myself from the state of the world enough to be happy doing other things. I find meaning in the work I do and finding meaningful work is what 2016 is going to be about for me.

The Nepal earthquake of 2015 did transform my life. Living disasters, destruction, death and trauma does make you realign your priorities in life. For me it started in 2014. Since August 2014, I had been spending most of my time in a small town in the south of Nepal called Rajbiraj in Saptari district. The isolation that this was gave me vital time to rethink my life and its path. I constantly questioned my goals, my dreams and what I wanted from life. Time and again I concluded that I wanted a life of meaning and meaning for me was to be found in service.

Sometimes your unconscious, if you follow your instincts does guide you in the right direction. I am amazed and thankful for the fact that my 18 year old self was instinctive enough to pick Psychology as my major, it was about the same time that I picked the title of my blog too. I don’t think I could find a better title today! I need to trust myself, somewhere along the way I got derailed into questioning myself incessantly and not following my instincts.

So here’s to following your instincts! Happy 2016 folks!