The last two years have been hard, but it has also been a metamorphosis of sorts. Part of my learning has been that writing saves me, making art saves me. I realise I don’t put much of my writing or art out there for fear of feeling too exposed, for fear that I am not good enough, for fear that I might hurt someone with what I have to say. I am learning that writing honestly with compassion and empathy is also an exercise that only comes from doing.

Here’s me taking a leap of faith that an honest attempt at understanding myself, our combined search for meaning as a human race and the world we live in is worth putting out there. I hope it also helps discipline my writing a lot more, work on it harder, edit more rigorously and push myself to write everyday. Somedays I might put some art work, but I’ll make sure the art has some writing or a quote. Somedays it might just be a few lines of poetry and it might be fiction or not.

I figure today is as good a day to start as any other. So here is my first entry, a short poem I wrote when I was working in Myanmar earlier this year: