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In the last three months I have spent more time with my sisters and after the year that I have had, its been a rebirth of sorts. I don’t know if its like this for all women who have sisters but mine were/are my first soulmates. My parents moved cities a lot when I was a kid and I being the misfit that I was (I still am) never managed to make any real friends in the many schools I went to. Fortunately I always had my sisters and my many imaginary friends from the fantasy worlds of books I inhabited.

My relationship with my sisters has always set the bar for all other relationships in my life. If they can love me unconditionally, so can you! I figure I’ve been fortunate.

I believe in soul families i.e. families of souls that have been put together on the planet to aid us though this journey called life and teach us our life lessons while gently holding our hand through the transformation. I believe in true love – a love that sees all my flaws but only notices the light that shines through the cracks in my soul. Having sisters who love me truly has taught me to expect nothing less. For that I am eternally grateful.

Sharing an everyday life with anyone is hardwork for both parties. With sisters you had no choice but to do it and you did it with a child like naivety. This teaches some hard life lessons.

You learnt that hurtful words said in moments of anger can be transient, when they are standing by you, hand on your shoulders as you sob your way through whatever it is that shattered your heart. You learn that some hurt never goes away but their own struggle with forgiving themselves softens you. You learn to make and break boundaries and respect one another’s spaces, stumbling over many mistakes. But never once through it all does the idea of not loving them anymore occur to you.

You learn that unconditional love does mean having to say “I’m sorry, I was a jerk” and meaning it with all you’ve got, knowing that you might make the same mistake again but hoping you will have the courage to apologise again, the wisdom to stop being a jerk and for your sister to find it in the largeness of her heart to see your remorse. You also learn that when you are adults age means almost nothing. We are all on different paths of self-discovery and our life lessons do not come in a universal linear sequence. Our fellow travelers young or old may have learnt a few things we still haven’t.

For all these life lessons and for being my rock solid pillars of support standing tall and looking over me from wherever you are. I thank you. I thank you for the many, many walks in the rain (we should listen to Sarah Kay and get rain boots), for the long chats on the sidelines of highways, for the stiff, hard drinks, for the carefree, gleeful laughter after the stiff, hard drinks, for holding my hair when my insides refused to stay where they should, for being my hot water bag on a cold night, my lamp on a dark one, and my cool shade on a sunny hot day. Love you to the moon and back ladies!