Yesterday, I was migrained out and couldn’t imagine looking at a computer screen with the light shining back at me. And I realised, there were going to be days like these when I couldn’t write. While I fretted over it for several minutes,  the migraine finally knocked me out.

I could barely sleep the night before last. The previous days brought news of the unexpected demonetisation by the Indian govt supposedly to fight corruption and the carelessness with which people celebrated it not giving a thought to the millions who worked in the unorganised sector in India and had their savings in cash, those who didn’t have ID cards to go get their notes changed in the bank or a post office and then the Trump victory which is another symbol of the world we live in and who will win if we don’t pay careful attention.

Last night I slept for more than 12 hours. I woke up this morning to the news of Leonard Cohen’s passing. There will be days like these. But I hope there are not going to be only days like these. Everything feels darker. We need the flames more than ever, we need love, compassion, sisterhood, brotherhood, we need hope, faith, music, art and poetry. We need heart and soul. We need honesty and integrity. We need courage to stand up for what we believe in. There is no time for cowardice or complacency. We live in a time that requires action. We need to take action, stand by and support those who are doing so for their communities, we need to stay active. We need to show up for the values, principles we believe in, for social justice, for human rights. And even if the people who gave us hope and faith are not around or have passed, we need to continue the work they did, find strength in their words and actions.

I have always wondered what choice I have? I can either continue to fight the injustices wherever I live, in whatever way I can or what? Though I fantasize the idea of escaping the world and society and living in a cave forever, I know I couldn’t. I need to feel like I am contributing to change in the world in my own ‘speck of dust, inside a giant’s eye’** kind of way.

*You want it darker – Title of Leonard Cohen’s 2016 album. A must have for all music lovers. Cohen’s music has been the background score to the hardest moments in my short life. He reminds me of the strength and wisdom we all have within us to battle our demons – inside and out.

**Speck of dust inside a giant’s eye – Line from Kimya Dawson’s ‘I like giants’ – A song that makes me smile on the worst of days.