I could look around me at the shimmering river

I could climb a tall, beautiful, old tree

I could look far into the horizon

And forget my reality.

I dip my hand in the river to tell the water,

“Go where I cannot.”

I breathe out loud on top of the tree to tell the wind

“Blow where I dare not.”

I look at the sea in the horizon and whisper

My longing to leave this invisible prison.

But If I go I can never come back

And if I stay I could probably never leave.

It’s beautiful here you say,

I do see it.

I have strength you say,

I do know it.

I have to hang on you say,

I have done it.

Look me in the eye,

See my pain,

Hold my hand,

Feel my soul bleed,

From this helplessness,

From this statelessness,

From this homelessness.


How do I build my identity?

How should I define my reality?

What do I wait for?

Why do I persist?

I want to leave my mark.

I was here, I want the world to know it.


Rakhine State, Myanmar