Its been a particularly tough week for the world in my conscious knowledge. I do realise that we’ve been saying this quite a lot in the past few years and I have been seeing this deterioration of the world around me both physically in terms of natural disasters and politically in terms oppressive decisions being taken to burden the already marginalised and under privileged in our societies. And this everywhere I look.

In this atmosphere, it feels like no respite will be found in the environment around us getting drastically better, immediately to elevate our distress. Then how do we continue to keep our faith and go on with life with this dark cloud looming over our heads?

We are going to have to find faith amidst chaos and suffering, ways to keep fighting for justice even if we do not see the end result, we have to keep walking in the dark, letting our eyes adjust to the darkness even if we cannot see the light. But we need to continue walking because how else will be know what lies ahead?

I have often told myself that the journey is the answer, that the journey is the meaning. There is no meaning to life, that we are going to discover at the fag end of it, the meaning is in every step we take. All we can do is take each step in the most truth, integrity and honesty we can. Reflect on each step taken and try to learn from it. I have never had any goals I need to achieve to consider my life successful. I strive to be the most authentic person I can and see the world with more compassion, grace and humility. There is always more learning (and unlearning) to do in that endeavour.

A strange balance between the dystopic future I fear this world is going towards and this utopic vision I have for it keep me going. This utopia I imagine is fed by the wonderful people who surround me, doing their thing relentlessly, giving me hope and building my faith that the world we imagine is a possibility and we must continue working towards it, if it is ever to become a reality.