The balance between solitude and isolation is hard to find. Solitude helps me recoup, isolation drowns me in rumination and gloom. 

Sometimes it is difficult to know when solitude becomes isolation. Its a tough equilibrium to negotiate and I am still learning. This writing everyday is helping me understand how solitude helps me reflect and write better. I have lesser time to let my thoughts evolve when I don’t have enough time alone. Long periods of solitude and isolation help me write better and I need it often.

I am beginning to understand that sometimes choosing socialisation and connection with people who enhance my sense of well-being is rejuvenating even if I feel exhausted and want to spend time alone. Sometimes its also periods where I socialise more because people I enjoy meeting are available and then I spend long periods of time alone. We do what we can.

Both the solitude and the connection contribute to well being and the search for harmony we look for. Finding balance, as always, is the path we are on.