I’ve hit a wall in my head. I felt like writing everyday was clearing a path in my brain and once in awhile my muse would come, sit with me and I would be able to write something I actually liked even if just for a few minutes. 

Now, since a few days, muse is gone, path is gone. I see a dark hole, no words, no illumination of any sort, no ideas! I’ve hit a wall or a jammed trap door, or a rock I can’t move. Whatever it is, it’s there and I am not able to look past it. I wonder if this thing I call writer’s block represents barriers I create in my own head about how far I can go exploring, what, how much, I can write about! What I allow myself to write about!

Need to dig deeper, unveil, peel off the layers, push past the barriers. Isn’t that what this whole writing everyday was about?