I have been having a major bout of quiet mind, so I am watching old movies and re-reading ‘Letters to a young poet’ for inspiration. I don’t mind the quiet mind really, its nice to not be thinking of things, but not helpful when I have to write everyday! So tonight, I was watching ‘It happened one night’ and decided to use it as the first line to a poem. This is all an exercise in writing anyway.

It happened one night, 

We were watching a soccer game,

You didn’t know me,

I didn’t know you.

I went out to watch the moon,

Away from the crowd and the cheering.

You followed me out and said

‘I never liked soccer much anyway.’

‘Me neither’ said I.

‘Then what are you doing here?’ You said

‘Same thing you are.’ I said

I lit my cigarette,

Blew out smoke and smiled

Long and happy

You leaned on the railing next to me

Dreamy eyes, melancholy, I wondered why

You said nothing

Breathing deep, standing close

As if, we’d known each other a long time.

You held your hand out,

And said, ‘Care for a walk?’

I took your hand

And we walked,

On the deserted streets,

Moonlight and dogs howling,

Hand in hand,

Into the dark night.