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The thought of going home scares me,

I have suffered so many losses this year,

The thought of not seeing you anymore…

No perky ears, no wag of tail,

No cute whining. 

That look when you see me,

From confusion to recognition, to joy.

I didn’t see you enough.

I didn’t know you enough.

But I loved you, I did. 

And you loved me.

Coming home meant coming to you my love,

To your face, your grace, your love,

Your strength, your grit, your calm, my love.

I try not to think of you that much,

Its not that hard.

I can imagine you’re still there my love,

Somewhere faraway,

At home.

What will it be like, going home now?

Walk the streets you walked, 

See the spots you loved?

And not see you?