Every once in awhile you meet someone who makes you want to have faith in the world, for their sake. I hope you find that person too. 

I wish the world doesn’t fail you again. I wish you the love you’re looking for, the beauty, the perfection. I hope you show the authenticity and innocence you demand. I hope you feel the connection you long for and trust it when you find it. I hope you take the risk again. I wish your cracked soul and wounded heart to believe again. To heal again. To shine bright again. To be relieved of its pain and feel the joy again. 

I wish you faith in what you see in her eyes again, in the beating of your heart again, in the touch of her skin, the slope of her shoulders, the warmth of her arms, the grace of her embrace. I wish you the patience to wait out the doubt in her eyes, the hesitation in her voice, the melancholic smile. 

I wish you the strength to stand by her, to let her stand by you. To open your mind and let her in and don’t shut the door in panic again. Be brave now and honest. Be painful truth now. Yes, be you now, all that you long to be. She can handle it.