There are those who will be angry, seeing every human as a manifestation of the evil that has been done to them. Can we blame them when so much evil has been done? How do they rationalize the anger they feel when they have seen their mothers violated and fathers killed by those men in uniform? How do we rebuild faith and hope in this world of tragedy, full of let downs? How do we heal when we still live a life where there is denial of identity and the right to simply exist, grow your food, go to school and sleep safely at night.

How do we believe in the good of the world and feel any gratitude for the life we are given when at every moment it’s integrity is threatened? Why are their life lessons harder than others? What is the meaning to be found in living under threat of extinction for so many people? Why must they bear the burden of human kind’s greed and dizzying want of power?

These questions we must all ask ourselves, those with food in our lardar, locks on our doors and beds and warm blankets to sleep in. These questions we must live with and do what we can to ease the incessant guilt. For we are all connected, the power driven oppressor and the beaten oppressed, by this world that we maintain in its blatant hypocricy of malls, fake smiles and shiny new trinkets. We are all connected, the man in his suit in a sparkling new car or the man in the street with his worn out blanket, the woman at the stop light, baby in her arms, the soldier in arms at the borders of ‘identity’, or the millions of landless refugees in camps in the cold night, driven out of their lands and homes by the greed of more and the myth of ‘my own’. 

We are all connected by the skin on our bodies, the blood in our veins, the beating of our hearts, the guilt of our souls, the burden on our shoulders. And we are all moving the dial of humanity with every action we take.