Sometimes I am angry with this world we live in, it seems unfair, unjust. We have resources that everybody does not have equal access to, we have enough distractions to live without realising those whose lives are deprived. What this realisation should bring is not guilt but consciousness. And consciousness should bring informed action not depressed anger or inaction. And I know, I struggle with this.

A big realisation has also been for how everybody’s role is important in shifting change in this world whether we are working in a corporate office, in the tourism industry, in a factory or a humanitarian organisation, or as a writer or an artist or a filmmaker. The point is not what we do, but how we do it. Doing our jobs with honesty, integrity and dedication to do the best we can respecting the people we work with, the environments we work in and the people we work for are important. We do our part in this complex network that is humanity putting forward our best selves, learning, unlearning and keeping a keen eye on our own psyches and well being.

Art, literature, photography, films have a way of expresssing lived experiences that are important in this world where we can easily feel isolated. Art of all kinds builds bridges across distances, brings community and connection closer. I am grateful to be surrounded by artists who through their work validate and acknowledge some experiences I live and open my mind to the diversity of human experience.

For doing the work we do everyday we need the channels of art to uplift us, to bring our attention to the beauty in the world around us and to mindful looking, living and being. Art also serves the therapeutic purpose of reimagining the world and human connection to focussing on the grandiosity of human possibility and potential, to see the capacity to make, present and represent beauty. To rest our minds on the sublime aesthetics of the universe.