When the morning mist and the sun cutting in,

Seem to make mockery of the darkness you woke up in,

When the birds chirping and the humdrum of morning activity,

Feels like the world doesn’t see you, 

When a bright smile from a stranger and the dog’s affection 

Seem like they don’t get it, your pain

Know that this world holds you still,

Even today, in its gentle hands,

As it holds the agony of so many

That the mist and the sun remind you

You’re still amongst us,

That the birds, the dog and the stranger tell you,

I still see you, I am still here.

Its alright, you don’t have to be chirpy and gay,

Its alright, just go about your day

Its alright you’ll find a way,

To get through today, 

And tomorrow WILL be different,

I promise.