Wake up to brew your coffee, just for that, wake up.

Listen to music or a podcast before going to work

Paint to start your day

Fill your house with origami birds, butterflies and elephants

Paint your nails in a bright colour

Buy a soap you like to smell

Take care of your skin

Read a few pages of several books on your Tsundoku before picking the one you want to read

Stay in bed with tea and read all day

Take a long bus/train journey just for the heck of it

Bake a cake and give some to all your neighbours

Play a game with a kid on the street

Give her an origami elephant

Look up in awe at tall trees

Look up in awe at the blue of the sky

Follow a butterfly

Watch classics on Netflix

Watch people

Walk a lot

Cycle when you can

Change your earrings

Cook for a friend

Listen to lots and lots and lots of music

Carry coloured pens in your bag and give them away to random kids you meet

Wear dresses and skirts and boots and shoes

Try new teas

Stay home, alone, all day

Work from home, one day

Do something you’re afraid to do, break a stereotype

Make something for someone

Wear a sari

Send anonymous post cards

Shower your love on dogs and cats

Marvel at birds

Look in the details, beauty is everywhere

Listen to Willy Wonka “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dreams”