When I took up Psychology in undergrad, I didn’t know much about it or so I thought. It came my way and when I was faced with it I knew I had to take it and it has been the single most important decision of my life. It has shaped me into being who I am today and I can safely say that I chose well. In any case I have no regrets. When I really think about it no matter how disturbing a decision at any particular point, time really reveals its true purpose. Even decisions that are seemingly trivial can have an unexpected impact on our lives. 

So after yesterday’s I am not writing everyday anymore, I have had thoughts of being a quitter, of not being able to finish what I started. But I need to trust that I did what I had to. I don’t fully see why I started writing everyday and why I am stopping now, but I will at some later point. What I do have to learn is that people’s reactions to our decisions are meant to make us reflect. I must stop questioning why people’s reactions affect me. They are supposed to affect you and even influence you and ironically enough help you along your true path. You know this by how strongly you feel about your decisions without being able to convince other people about it. It doesn’t matter. You are the only one who needs to be convinced.