You’ve gone and left a gaping hole,

Of dreams and hopes and possibilities,

Of things we could have been,

Of things we could have done.

And though I never counted on them,

The idea of it was reassuring,

Muddled it with dreary reality,

Smudged it with your fears and strains.

I will mourn as long as it takes,

And who knows of the afterlife?

But in this life you will still remain,

A gaping hole of possibility.

Let me hold on still to the dream,

Of an idealistic living.

Of loving without hopes and plans,

This gaping hole, that was sanity.

Fill it again with happy things,

Trinkets and memories

Words and songs and sweet nothings,

Tender looks of longing.

Moonlit nights of dreamy singing,

Dancing, driving, feeling,

Incomplete and still healing.