This is not really a movie review but a love letter to a beautiful cinematic journey. Nevertheless I hope it urges you to go and experience it.

Sometimes resilience is really only made up of a few scattered moments of deep care, love and connection, that we hold in isolation to all the inadequacies and foibles of being human. People are not perfect but some moments with people are. Especially those people, who in all their imperfection reach out to hold your hand across the darkness that surrounds both. To hold that perfect moment as a precious pearl amongst all the ruins life served you and acknowledging its value can keep us going a long time. These moments, these perfect moments, strung together, shine light on hope on the dark days. On those days when you look within with brutality, when you hang your head in shame at your failures or at the unfair burden you have been deemed to carry. On those days this hand that reaches out marks your soul with a magical healing touch that endures.

The value of a safe space, especially for children, but so much for adults too, where you are truly seen for who you are, where you get to lift your head, straighten your back, push back your shoulders and find ‘pieces of your soul’ again. This safe space gives you the much needed practice to be yourself, slow and steady and the more time you spend in this safe space, the more courage and strength it gives you to be yourself, in oppressive, stifling spaces, hopefully.

Moonlight is a poetic portrayal of our imperfect selves, in an imperfect world, living perfect but fleeting moments of beauty, connection and homecoming amongst chaos and abandon. Finding ourselves, losing ourselves, stumbling upon safe spaces and special people destined for impermanence, looking up in awe at them, sometimes let down by their helplessness, sometimes by ours. 

Filled with moments that will knock the air in your lungs out and sublime intimacy, this movie will break your heart and make sincere attempts to heal it back in a slow dance of powerful emotions. With brilliant performances and beautifully written, framed and shot, intense sequences, this movie is equal parts art and poetry. Go WATCH and tell me what you thought?